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Under $250K for a Fortress-Like Tudor in Sherwood Forest

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With a castle-like facade and glamorous bay window, this 1928 tudor in Sherwood Forest just thudded onto the market asking $239,000. That hefty price represents a sizable helping of house—3,000 square feet, in fact. All that space is divvied up between five bedrooms and four bathrooms, including a suite on the third floor.
Other notable features include Pewabic tile in the foyer, a chilly-looking sunroom out back, and a kitchen that isn't even embarrassingly dated (although granite is on the way out, duh). Records indicate the current owner scored the house for just $107K in 2008, but it's hard to draw meaningful comparisons with sale prices from the Great Recession.
· Listing: 19655 Shrewsbury [Zillow]