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Vanilla Facade Conceals a Savory Interior in Virginia Park

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Photography by Chris and Michelle Gerard

Viewed from the curb, this brick Virginia Park home is somewhat forgettable. Past the front door, you can understand how the asking price broke triple digits. With five bedrooms (including a third-floor master bedroom) and a cozy 1,500 square feet, the house embodies the classy-but-comfortable ambiance Detroit's century-old homes do best. There is, however, one big item that's strangely absent: Where's the fireplace?

The missing fireplace is an inexplicable bummer, simply because the house's age suggests it probably had a cool one. You can see the wood floor patched up where it used to be. Rounding out the criticisms, having just 1.5 bathrooms isn't a dream come true either. At the very least, one must give credit to the lone full bathroom for honoring its powerful position with solid wainscoting. The ask: $106K.
· Listing: 844 Atkinson