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The David Whitney's 108 Apartments Are Already Gone

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Background photo by Chris and Michelle Gerard

Hoping to snag one of David Whitney's 108 new apartments? Too bad. Crain's says that every single one of them have already been claimed, which isn't unfathomable given the project's long slog to the finish line. Residents are expected to begin moving in soon, so let's hope that process isn't anything like the embarrassing move-in disaster the first Broderick Tower residents faced a couple years ago.
For a smaller taste of the Whitney and its ridiculous lobby skylight, take a look at the 136-room Aloft Hotel. Crain's and the Aloft website claim everything is booked solid through the weekend and beyond, but a call to central reservations on Wednesday morning found a few rooms still up for grabs.
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David Whitney Building

1 Park Avenue, , MI 48226