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GM Plows Over a 129-Year-Old Slice of Rivertown

[Image from an old postcard of Schweizer's]

General Motors might be in the midst of recalling more than 25 million cars, but everyone's favorite corporation can always find time for a little arbitrary demolition. This morning, Crain's reports that excavators crushed the 129-year-old building once home to Schweizer's, an old German restaurant perhaps responsible for the adjoining street name, Schweizers Place.

Riverfront Holdings (a GM subsidiary) bought the building earlier this year, along with three other properties in the RenCen's shadow. All were purchased in the name of undisclosed "future improvement." We're guessing it has something to do with big changes proposed for I-375, which could plow a new road through the area for easy access to the RiverWalk. A photo of the rubble can be found on Crain's.
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