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Dequindre Cut Says Goodbye to 4 Historic Bridges

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Photography by Chris and Michelle Gerard

Although the northern extension of the Dequindre Cut is still several months away from opening, the $24M project is already making itself known in Eastern Market. The most obvious difference has been the demolition of the graffiti-covered bridges that carried Division, Adelaide, and Wilkins streets over the Dequindre Cut. Many of the old bridges along the Dequindre Cut were built around 1930, when the city and the rail company worked together to sink the busy track below street level.

The new Division and Adelaide bridges have been entirely rebuilt, while the Wilkins bridge is being installed right now. Beyond the overpasses, the Detroit Riverfront Conservancy reports that stone retaining walls are under construction and that asphalt will begin going down in the spring followed by benches and lighting.
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