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Detroit's DIY Arcade Bar: Vintage Games in an Abandoned School

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Photography by Chris and Michelle Gerard

The marriage of bar and classic arcade is a trend that started in New York a decade ago and has since spread to most major cities. In Detroit, where many bars refuse to embrace credit cards (let alone the state's 2010 smoking ban), such trends are slow to take root.
For nostalgic gamers, there is Offworld Arcade. Think of it as Detroit's scrappy, deconstructed take on the arcade bar. Instead of a hip bar with dozens of games, it's around 20 glowing consoles and a couple kegs inside what used to be an abandoned school.

Offworld opens for a few days each month at Saint Vincent, the former school we've been watching transform into rentable space for freelancers and small businesses. Offworld's games are free after a $5 general admission fee. Keep a lookout for the January dates on Facebook, and a more long-term lookout for a permanent Offworld location sometime in the next year or so.

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Saint Vincent Corktown

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