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After Dark, Skyline Views Hide on the Fisher's 24th Floor

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Photography by Chris and Michelle Gerard

Most of us visit the Fisher Building to catch a show at the theater or gawk at the lobby, but there's another way to experience one of the city's top Art Deco landmarks. Detroit-centric retailer Pure Detroit regularly offers free tours covering the standard Fisher highlights but with an added bonus trip to the 24th floor. Because the Fisher is a lonely skyscraper sitting 2.5 miles from downtown, you get the unique opportunity to see Detroit's entire skyline all at once. For an eerier view, catch one of the tours that begins at night.

NOTE: Free tours of the Fisher Building, Guardian Building, and RenCen are offered monthly. Upcoming dates can be found on Pure Detroit's Facebook events page. Stores can be found in the Fisher, RenCen, and an "island outpost" at the Belle Isle Aquarium.