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Vacant Olde Building Suddenly Aglow, $4M Rehab Begins

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Aside from the presence of a roll-off dumpster, the corner of Griswold and Lafayette looks like its normal, abandoned self during the daytime. But if you swing by at night—in late December, that's pretty much anytime after 1 pm— be ready for an unusual sight: The vacant Olde Building has been completely lit up.

It would appear the long-awaited rehab of the Olde Building is underway. First publicized in April, the vision involves carving out a restaurant space on the ground floor and "office space for tech companies" upstairs. Basco of Michigan, the owner/renovator, has also posted a sign declaring its new name to be The 751.
Back when it was still on the market, we heard that original interior goodies—the marble staircase, ornate ceiling, and basement vaults—were still hiding inside. Albert Kahn is said to have designed the building, which opened as a bank in the 1920s. Basco snagged it for just $800K a couple years ago.

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Olde Building (The 751)

751 Griswold, Detroit, MI