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Three Vintage Woodbridge Apartments Available Right Now

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Nailing down an apartment in Woodbridge can be an elusive goal, especially around the holidays. Right now, three distinct units are on the rental radar. They all differ in size, price and amenities, but share one common theme: all are located in historic buildings on Trumbull Street. Grab the spot that fits best and we'll see you at Woodbridge Pub.

4304 Trumbull St # 7
1 Bed - 1 Bath - (600 SF)
This little nook is a good value, assuming you're okay with cozy quarters and several neighbors in the same house. That old fireplace radiates charm (not heat), and all utilities are included.

3966 Trumbull #1
2 beds - 2 baths (1,100 SF)
Depending on your perspective, this interior might look appealingly clean or a little bit sterile. Perks include 12-foot ceilings, a washer/dryer, and a private rear balcony. It's on the first floor, so don't expect much of a view.

4837 Trumbull St # 2
3 beds - 3 baths - (1,500 SF)
The largest option in Woodbridge is more like a townhouse, with two distinct stories and a loft area on top of that.