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Own a Sizable Party Pad Inside a Fairy Tale Detroit Mansion

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[Photography by Jim Tumey]

Condo ownership is always more fun inside a glorious mansion, especially when said condo is a two-story party pad bristling with swanky amenities and historic design. Built in 1892 and restored in 2006, Edmund Place is one of Brush Park's gems.

Inside, there are two sizable bedrooms (one with a bay window) and 2.5 bathrooms (one with a jacuzzi). Look for a walk-in closet, and a sunny kitchen surrounded by exposed brick. Other bonuses include a private garage, two private entryways and access to a basement storage unit.

A 2,200-square-foot portion of a Brush Park Mansion isn't going to be cheap. The ask is $290K, one of the highest condo prices we've seen in the area. Keep in mind, however, values in the area are likely to increase as the neighborhood's redevelopment plan unfolds.

PS: This condo isn't your typical upstairs/downstairs layout. The mansion was designed like a classic brownstone, with an elevated "entry level" above the "lower level." This particular unit involves both those floors, but not the mansion's top level at all.

PSS: We wrote about this unit in May 2013, when it was renting for $2,150/month.
· Listing: 291 Edmund [The Loft Warehouse]