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Another Lofty Listing from Midtown's Stuber-Stone Building

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Stuber-Stone loft owners are cashing out, apparently—this is the third listing we've seen from the building since November. It's also the most expensive unit yet, with an ambitious ask of $220K. For all that cash, you're getting two bedrooms and one bath, plus the fun of actually having a loft with an actual lofted area inside.

Built in 1920, the former auto parts warehouse faced its residential conversion in the early 2000s—fairly early, by Midtown standards. The neighborhood (and its land value) wasn't so high-end back then, so Stuber-Stone feels slightly less luxurious than other lofts in the area. That's totally fine, but that $220K ask needs a haircut, especially if those windows have anything less than a good view of Cass Avenue.
· Listing: 4221 Cass [Estately]

Stuber-Stone Lofts

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