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Cornerspotted: Four Different Bars, Four Different 'Hoods

Welcome to Cornerspotter, Curbed's favorite game. The rules: We post a historic photo of a building or streetscape that you must identify. The first commenter to correctly identify the location wins all the glory. The winner will be crowned when the correct answer is revealed the following day.

The entries are in for yesterday's Cornerspotter Bar Extravaganza, in which we gave you four 70s-era photographs of random buildings and demanded to know which bars they hold today. Our winner: Diana Russell, who used her first comment ever on Curbed to guess all four bars correctly: Revel in your victory, Diana. For everyone else, the answers are ahead.

Note: Commenter Jason deserves a tip of the hat. Ten minutes before Diana, he answered the first three bars correctly before going with Cliff Bell's for Bar #4. While Cliff Bell's is visible in the initial photo, the focus is on Park Bar.

· Hint: Four Different Bars, Four Different Neighborhoods [Curbed]