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The Park Apartments Tower Just Sold for $3.25M, New Owner Plans to Renovate

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Downtown Detroit's next high-rise renovation will be at the Park Apartments. The 17-story apartment building just sold for $3.25M to Joe Barbat, owner of a cellular accessories franchise in Southfield. According to Crain's, Joe will be renaming the 1937 building to reflect its historic role as Hotel Briggs.
As it stands today, the Park is arranged into 131 units, nearly all of which are studios or one-bedroom units. Details on the renovation plans aren't yet available, but the building shouldn't be in terrible shape—it was occupied as recently as 2012 or so. We'll update when more facts become available, but for now enjoy this tidbit about the building's long-lost neighbor: The Oriental Theater was demolished in 1953 for a parking lot, but a small part of it still survives within the Park Apartment building's lobby.
· Park Apartments building in Detroit sells for $3.25M [Crain's Detroit]

Park Apartments

114 W. Adams, Detroit, MI 48226