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Greektown Casino to Simplify Its Crazy, Disoritenting Layout

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Greektown Casino hasn't changed much since Dan Gilbert took control last spring, but the lull will soon be over. Gamblin' Gilbert is planning renovations aplenty, meant to "create a more open, spacious and inviting atmosphere" on the hazy casino floor. The Freep adds that the design is mean to "simplify the casino's parking situation and interior layout, which first-time visitors can find confusing." That might be an understatement.

Greektown Casino was built in what used to be Trapper's Alley, an indoor mall designed in the 1980s. Trappers Alley was created by renovating a fur processing complex built in the 1890s. The casino is basically a converted historic conversion, and that's before two huge additions were tacked onto the gaming floor. The interior involves multiple catwalks, skywalks, and locked gates, all connected by zigzagging stairways.
Renovations will cost between $125 and $150M, and are expected to begin sometime later this year. Check out old Trapper's Alley pics at the Detroit Historical Society.

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Greektown Casino & Hotel

555 E Lafayette Blvd, Detroit, MI 48226