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Detroit Lives! Creates a New Office Atop the Empty David Stott Building

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[Photography by Chris and Michelle Gerard]

With few tenants and a new owner, the David Stott Building's office space is kind of in limbo. Some floors were blandly renovated a few years ago, others are hopelessly dated, and a few would appeal only to someone aspiring to organize a fight club. In short, you're not walking into one of downtown's trendier office spaces. It's a DIY situation at the Stott.
So when creative production company Detroit Lives! grabbed 2,000 square feet on the Stott's 28th floor, they called Patrick Thompson Design to give their space an appearance worthy of its expansive view. The remod cost $12K, but building out a roomy space atop an overlooked skyscraper sounds better than paying top dollar for something smaller and pricier near Campus Martius.
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David Stott Building

, , MI 48226