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Could a Burning Strip Club Spell New Development Downtown?

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Chris and Michelle Gerard

Things got a little too hot early this morning at the The Grind, a "gentlemen's club" downtown. Strip club fires aren't typically within our range of coverage, but this one is special. The fire was quite large, spanning all three floors, meaning the strip club could face demolition. If so, it opens up a massive space for new development just north of Capitol Park.

The building's owners were undoubtedly aware of this fact, listing the building (which includes half the overall parking lot) for $3.5M in November. The other half of the parking lot (1428 Griswold) was last owned by a realty company, and appears to have entered foreclosure late last year. Don't be surprised to see The Grind's remains torn down, with a large development announcement sometime in the future.
· Video: Fire breaks out at gentlemen's club in Detroit [Det News]

1416 Griswold, Detroit MI