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TechTown Warehouse Slated for Lofts, Retail, Rooftop Garden

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[Rendering via HD Development]

Add the Yorke Lofts to the growing number of projects hoping to get underway in Detroit this spring. In TechTown, we now have word that a residential conversion could be headed for this historic warehouse on the corner of 2nd Avenue and York Street, along with a sprinkling of retail.

According to a press release received this morning, Florida-based HD Developments is in the "final stages" of nabbing this lovely warehouse along with a pair of smaller buildings next door. The warehouse, currently occupied by a heating/air conditioning company, would be known as the "Yorke Lofts." The project would include 42 studio and one-bedroom units, with rent ranging between $1,000-$1,200/month. The developer informs us that additional amenities include an exercise room and a rooftop garden.

There's more: Two buildings next door (visible in the rendering) also have a future. Both buildings are lined up for a facelift, replacing their ugly cement facades with brick. The building on the left would continue its role as a parking garage, while four retail spaces would be available in the building to the right. Construction could begin as soon as this spring.
(A word of caution: The developer is still seeking additional financing, so the Yorke Lofts aren't a sure thing yet. We'll update as things play out.)