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Live in Wayne State's Old Mortuary Science Building For $385K

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Built in 1930, the Springfield Lofts building has a long history with death. "Springfield" is an ode to the building's original tenant, the Springfield Metallic Casket Company. Rather than letting a loved one's body endure the "hideous violations of the earth" (decomposition) in a wooden casket, Detroiters might splurge for a metal Springfield, which promised a "dry burial" with a 50-year guarantee.
During the 1950s, the building was taken over by Wayne State's Mortuary Science program, which teaches students how to prepare bodies for burial. So there's that.
But the most disturbing thing of all, perhaps, is the asking price for one of its lofts, which just crashed onto the market last week: $385K.

The price is high, but this unit is more townhouse than loft. Packing 2,400 square feet the interior has three levels (including a finished basement), three bedrooms, and four bathrooms. Bringing this dwelling into the all-out luxury category is the attached private garage, which has a huge balcony on top. Our favorite part, however, is the view. It might not look spectacular now, but that burnt-out garage barely visible in the photo is the future location of what's bound to be among Midtown's more unique drinking establishments: Alley Wine.
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