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Federal Reserve Building to be a Mecca of Detroit News

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[Photography by Chris and Michelle Gerard]

Fresh from an all-out renovation, the Federal Reserve Building wasted little time in securing a major tenant. Sworn roomies since shacking up in 1998, the Detroit News and the Detroit Free Press just declared their plans to lease what is far and away Dan Gilbert's best-designed renovation project.
The move brings 550 workers into the Campus Martius area, meaning more bodies to support continued growth down there. The Fed Reserve is a wonderful oddball, a mixture of classic old bank building and a Minoru Yamasaki-designed annex

The big question: Will Dan Gilbert return the favor and buy the old Detroit News Building? Fans of Albert Kahn architecture should hope so. The ol' girl is 98 years old, and purchase by Gilbert at least insures repairs would be made. The Free Press ditched its original Kahn-designed headquarters in 1998. Sixteen years later, it's still vacant.
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Federal Reserve Building

160 W. Fort St. , Detroit , MI 48226