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Pierce Building Earns a Historic Facelift and a New Tenant

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Photography by Chris and Michelle Gerard

One of Woodward's century-old retail buildings is looking forward to a historic facelift in preparation for a new tenant. The Pierce Building opened on the corner of Woodward and Peterboro in 1908, and as you might suspect, storefronts of that era generally weren't designed with turquoise brick and red overhangs.

According to building owner Joel Landy, the Pierce's middle storefront (under the TaxRUs sign) will be the first to see attention, while the other two will be renovated in the future as they become vacant. The new design calls for the removal of the teal brick and the metal overhang, replacing it with a glassy storefront with limestone borders. The facelift also moves the door to the center instead of having it awkwardly angle in from the side. Overall, it should be a huge upgrade.

All of the work is to prepare for a new tenant, China One. The restaurant's current space in the Professional Plaza complex is slated for demolition this spring, so they hope to be totally moved into the new location by the end of May. The move will only be a few blocks, but the architectural transition between Prof. Plaza and the Pierce Building couldn't be more stark.