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Wayne County Will Literally Crush Fail Jail, So Say Goodbye

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[Photography by Chris and Michelle Gerard]

Wayne County is back in the business of looking stupid, meaning it's time for another episode of Fail Jail. Yesterday morning, the Wayne County Building Authority officially approved the inevitable: The $1.2M pile of pre-cast cement cells will really be demolished.
Naturally, Wayne County can't do what everyone else does with their unwieldy trash--wait 'til dark and dump it somewhere near the Packard Plant. Nope, Wayne County will literally crush all 111 concrete boxes, spending $315K in the process.

What this really means, however, is that Wayne County is pretty sure Dan Gilbert will buy up the whole mess after they've cleaned it up. Say goodbye to Fail Jail in the gallery above...

Dan Gilbert has offered the county $50M for the Fail Jail Site and all Wayne County property in the downtown area remotely resembling a detention facility. His plan is to spend $500M on a series of seemingly impossible conversions, like turning one of the county's jails into condos. Let us review:

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Fail Jail

Gratiot at St Antoine, Detroit, MI