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This Brush Park Loft Has Exposed Everything, Asks $175K

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[Photography by Jim Tumey]

The Carola is a high-end loft building in Brush Park, but this particular unit puts on a good show of being raw and unfinished. Being constantly surrounded by so much texture on the walls, ceiling and floors almost looks like it could be overwhelming. Or wonderful, if surrounded with the proper decor.

With one bedroom and one bathroom, it can be yours for $175K—a tad expensive for 900 square feet with a $220/month association fee. That being there is so, so much development headed for this area, and M1 Rail is in the works nearby. Sub-$200K real estate is already an endangered species in Midtown. Don't expect it to last any longer in Brush Park.
· Listing: 78 Watson Street #12 [Loft Warehouse]