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Someone Just Paid $65K For This Foreclosed Detroit Mansion

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Whoa! According to, someone just bought this foreclosed Arden Park 'manse for $65K, just below its original ask of $69,900. Sure, the 1912 estate needs work. The kitchen looks like a disaster, and who knows what awfulness took place during its months on the market. But $65K for 5,000 square feet should make any real estate enthusiast squirm a little bit. Inside, the house has six bedrooms and five bathrooms, along with a fair amount of historic detailing. Outside, find a newer roof, a renovated rear porch, and separate apartment above the garage. If you're the buyer, please drop us a line and be sure to apply for that $20K renovation grant happening in the Arden Park/North End area.
· Listing: 131 Arden Park []