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Why HopCat Chose Midtown; Summer Food To Eat In Detroit Right Now; More!

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Melt Photography by Chris and Michelle Gerard

MIDTOWNHopCat is coming to Midtown, learn a little more about why founder Mark Sellers chose the old Agave building for the location of his biggest craft beer bar yet.

DETROIT— It's yet another week of this undying and unbearable winter, but the newest Eater Detroit Mini Map features 5 places to eat and experience elements of Detroit Summer right now, without the wait for warmer weather.

BIRMINGHAM—The story behind 220 Restaurant's closure/change of hands has been solved, as it seems that Denise Illitch is officially the new owner, and that she's just started renovations a little sooner than expected.

MICHIGAN— Three chefs with roots in Michigan have been nominated as James Beard Foundation Award semifinalists, which is a huge deal. Eli Sussman (currently of Brooklyn), Brian Polcyn, and Myles Anton. The list will be narrowed down much further, but even making it this far is quite an achievement.

COMERICA PARK— The fans will be welcomed back to the ball park with a new bar this spring, called The New Amsterdam 416. There may not be much of an announcement about the food yet, but it will have tons of outdoor space for drinking and socializing.