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Tagged: The Whitter Hotel, Longtime Falcon Nesting Spot

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This tagger was spotted yesterday atop the abandoned Whittier Hotel, defacing the building's old metal sign. According to Motor City Muckraker, he's a prolific Detroit tagger known as "edub." Since taggers tend not to care about their targeted buildings any more than dogs care about their targeted fire hydrants (though the mentality is remarkably similar), we'll assume edub didn't do his homework beforehand.

Peregrine Falcon chicks were released into Detroit during the 1980s. Experts believed the endangered birds would love snacking on local pigeons and finding trendy-looking nests amidst the city's tall, historic buildings. They were right. By 1999, Detroit's nests were the most promising in Michigan. Detroit Falcons Harder, apparently.

Falcons have called the Whittier home since the 1990s, when the building was a senior living facility. Unfortunately, the current ownership seems to have given up securing the property, leading reports of the birds diving at trespassers and statements of concern from the DNR. Detroit's birds have been known to migrate during the winter, so hopefully this fam was enjoying mimosas somewhere down south yesterday.

Which brings us back to this photo of edub, who chose to spend his Sunday misting the area in aerosol. It originally appeared on the Facebook account of Cafe d'Mongo's, the popular drinking spot owned by Larry Mongo. As Detroit's celebrity ambassador and a well-documented hater of graffiti, let's hope his photo caption has some truth to it.

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