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Two Balconies and a Glimpse of the Skyline for $750/Month

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It's not exactly Corktown's greatest architecture, but this boxy apartment building does have a unique two-bedroom with a view of the skyline. Plus, at $750/month, the rent isn't so bad either. The looks like a lot of original woodwork with a recently renovated kitchen, and a mention of "window seats" sounds like a plus. Located on the second floor, this apartment technically has two balconies, but neither one is quite whole. The porch out front (with the view) is shared with the neighbors, while the private balcony in back looks more like an outdoor closet than anything a human could enjoy.
Update (8:50am): Oh wow. There is a parrot in the photo gallery. On the balcony. Perhaps that's who you have to "share" that porch with.
· 2002 Dalzelle [Craigslist]