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View the Mesmerizing Facade of 1400 Woodward Up Close

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[Photography by Chris and Michelle Gerard]

It looks unremarkable from a distance, but the facade of 1400 Woodward requires some zooming in to really appreciate. It was constructed in 1915 as hardware store T. B. Rayl & Co, which, inventory-wise, was closer to Sears than Home Depot. The architects (Baxter, O'Dell and Halpin) made the facade incredibly detailed, hoping that passing shoppers would connect the beautiful brick with the decorative items available for purchase within.
As for the treasure chests and the wonky clock, those didn't appear 'til a renovation in 1956. The tenant, Meyer's Treasure Chest of Jewels, had the lower windows covered and adorned with its logo, a tiny treasure chest.

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1400 Woodward

1400 Woodward Avenue, , MI 48226