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Wonderfully Awful Decor is Hiding in the University District

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This vacant home looks innocent, but don't let the pleasant facade fool you. That front door is boarded up for your protection. On the market for $62,500, this University District home contains some of the most fantastically awful decor we've seen in a while.

The whole interior feels like the tunnel scene in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, but one room tops them all: The Bathroom. Something special is happening in the bathroom, where a stint on the Merlot-colored toilet could induce feelings of 3D Tetris and complete vertigo. Notice the white toilet seat. The brown air vent. And the air freshener, for ambiance.

Things get a little better upstairs, but not by much. Relax in the Barbie Pink living room, where the carpet matches the drapes and it's the worst. The awful can be yours for less than $70K, but you'd better act quick: The sale is pending.
· Listing: 18204 Warrington [Century 21]