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Explore the Entire Route of Detroit's Future Streetcar Line

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Photography by Chris and Michelle Gerard

Tired of waiting around for M1 Rail to appear on Woodward Avenue? Us too. The latest estimates have the streetcar picking up its first passengers sometime in 2016. Until that day comes, here is a means to prepare yourself for the ride. Behold: The entire route in photos, from West Grand Boulevard to Larned Street.
According to M1 Rail's website, the streetcars will zoom up and down Woodward Avenue at an average speed of 35mph. M1 rail predicts that conquering the entire track from start to finish should take passengers between 8-12 minutes. Lingering on each of these photos for 13 seconds will get you from Grand to Larned in roughly the same amount of time it would take riding the train. Here are some train sounds to help with the ambiance.

The streetcar line is expected to spur between $500 million to $1 billion of economic development along the corridor. It'll be interesting to see how much changes. Keep an eye on that sleepy strip of storefronts between the West Grand and Baltimore stations.