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The Midtown Loft Dream Costs More Than $200K

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[Stylish Detroit]

With an ask of $205,900, this glorious space at the Canfield Lofts is anything but a steal. The 1,087 square feet sure isn't cramped, but several condos in Midtown are bigger and cheaper.
Yet there is an undeniable allure to a wide-open loft. This one comes with all the trappings. The gigantic balcony, the hip decor, indoor parking—it even squeezes in a small patch of exposed brick. The location is another big perk, staking out a location adjacent to Motor City Brewing Works and half-block from the Auburn Building. On the Midtownopoly game board, West Canfield Street is some very expensive turf.
· Listing: 460 West Canfield #304 [City Living Detroit]

Canfield Lofts

460 W Canfield St., Detroit, MI