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Mack Avenue Mansion to Become Jewish Community Center

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In Brush Park, the northern side of Mack Avenue has some of Detroit's most newest development. There's Whole Foods, the Ellington Lofts, Starbucks, and the ever-expanding Detroit Medical Center campus. The south side of Mack, however, contains a small patch of historic homes, including Albert Kahn's former residence. One of those homes, 278 Mack, just found a new owner.

Built in 1908, 278 Mack spent the last 30 years serving as offices for doctors and lawyers. It's now becoming Detroit's first Chabad House, a community center for the Jewish organization Chabad. (Check out The Hub's article for more info.) Basically, the house will serve dual roles as an event space and a home for Rabbi Pinson (head of Chabad in Detroit) and his family. He invited Curbed over for a tour of the home's elaborate architecture.

The 4,200-square-foot structure has five bedrooms, or eight if you include the finished attic currently rented out as a separate apartment (it wasn't available for us to tour.) Future renovations might see the home's vast basement finished as a separate commercial space. For now, however, Rabbi Pinson is working to renovate the kitchen, which lost its cabinetry and appliances during its long stint as a doctor's office. More details in the photo tour below.