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HopCat Chooses Midtown, Scores the Old Agave Building

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Mystery Solved: HopCat Detroit is headed for Midtown. More specifically, the Agave Building, which has been vacant since 2006. Being one of the country's largest (and best) beer bars, HopCat will renovate the Agave to include an outdoor beer garden and a live music venue on the second floor.

[Photography: Curbed Detroit]

The whole idea will cost Barfly Ventures (HopCat's ownership) roughly $3.3M, as they intend to purchase the building outright before renovating. Curbed originally wrote about the Agave's impending renovation back in 2012, when the plan called for studio apartments upstairs and a restaurant downstairs. Back then, everyone thought Atlas Global Bistro was moving in. How very wrong we were.

Converting the building into a massive, stand alone beer bar sounds far, far more fantastic. Though it may look underwhelming, the Agave has its advantages. The gigantic parking lot/backyard is one, as well as a location next door to a future M1 Rail station.

Construction will commence once all lucrative tax incentives are secured. The press release drops all mention of an August opening (though it still promises it'll happen in 2014), so don't commit to any specific vacation days yet. We'll end with this fun fact: Back in its day, the Agave restaurant was known for offering over 100 different types of tequila, prompting us to write in 2012 that any replacement "has some big shoes to fill." HopCat's plan for 130 tap handles seems to fit the bill nicely.
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Agave Building

4265 Woodward Ave, Detroit, MI 48201 Visit Website