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Foreclosed Townhouse Offers the Best of West Village

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West Village is known for its historic townhouses, which sounds odd if you haven't had a proper tour. But its true, and the added density makes the neighborhood feel quite urban. This is one of those dwellings—a particularly good example, in fact. It's a large end unit, basically a four bedroom, two bathroom home that happens to share a wall. Built in 1912, the house has 1,873 square feet spread over three stories. Obviously, she needs some TLC.

The location is what really sells it. The intersection of Agnes and Parker streets in the new commercial hub of West Village. Just across the street, the ground floor of the Parkstone is bustling with great neighborhood shops, including the bar/restaurant Craft Work. The house is a HomePath listing, with an asking price of $85,600.
· Listing: 8103 Agnes St [HomePath]

Parkstone Apartments

1415 Parker, Detroit, MI 48214