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Today: Brewster-Douglass Demo Finally Targets the Towers

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Windowless and coated with graffiti, the Frederick Douglass Towers will soon join their shorter peers in architectural heaven. According to the City of Detroit, demo crews will begin assaulting the four towers later this afternoon, commencing the final effort to destroy the Brewster-Douglass Projects.
We've already witnessed plenty of demolition at the complex, but the $6.5M demolition should make for a dramatic show. At 15 stories tall, the buildings are clearly visible from multiple angles across the city—even passing drivers on I-75 should have a view. We'll bring you the updates from this afternoon's press conference, where demolition kingpin/former mayor Dave Bing has promised to be in attendance, probably in his sharpest demolition outfit.

Brewster-Douglass Public Housing Complex

2700 St. Antoine St., Detroit, MI