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Twelve-Building Housing Development Rushes to Midtown

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Another bundle of affordable housing is preparing to begin construction in Midtown this Spring, reports Model D. Unlike most of Midtown's recent affordable housing developments, this one is going to be brand new construction--twelve whole buildings, in fact.

Described as being somewhere in "Southwest Midtown," the development comes from The Slavik Company, the developer behind Woodbridge Estates, a mixed-income subdivision just across the Lodge Freeway. In fact, this new development's twelve apartment buildings will technically be an extension of Woodbridge Estates. That gives us a hint of where the new Midtown development might be: The old Wigle Playfield site, which is connected to the original development via pedestrian bridge. The city issued an RFP in 2011 for development of the site.

What we're really wondering, however, is how the development will look. Forty-six apartments divvied up between twelve buildings seems like a pretty low density. That being said, Woodbridge Estates has a large number of 3-bedroom apartments clustered into some decent-looking buildings. The first units should be ready for residents later this summer.
UPDATE: The building site appears to be on the western side of the Lodge Freeway, not at Wigle.
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