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Abandoned Detroit School Will Become a 27-Acre Urban Farm

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One of Detroit's abandoned schools is about to begin a remarkable transformation. This summer, the east side's former Kettering High School will into a 27-acre urban farm known as the Kettering Urban Agricultural Campus.

According to the AP, the soon-to-be farm will provide food for the Detroit Public School System, while the old building itself will become a food processing facility. This summer will see the property prepared for growing food and the installation of eight hoop houses (green house-like structures). According to the DPS website, Kettering high school was closed in 2012 amidst low testing scores and a need for $5M in roof, window and mechanical repairs. It originally opened in 1965 with a capacity of 1,800 students. Expect the official, more detailed announcement soon.

[Kettering's campus is outlined in orange. The abandoned Packard Plant is visible near the bottom of the photo.]

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