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Masonic Temple Court Victory Could Clear Path for Rehab

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The Masonic Temple has racked up another victory in its latest Jerry Springer-style crises, vanquishing its ex-management company Halbert Holdings in court. For reasons non-lawyers wouldn't understand ("unjust enrichment" is one of the complaints), Halbert was claiming an ownership stake in the Masonic. According to the Free Press, a judge recently decided that was incorrect, so things are happy again at the Temple.

Hypothetically, the end of that two-year lawsuit gives the Masonic the ability to amp up activity in the renovation department. Officials have previously hinted that the 1,037-room giant could make a good hotel, or at least contain a decent bar. After nearly having its utilities cut off by DTE and later requiring a Jack White bailout to avoid foreclosure, the Masons claim that the building is on the upswing, making more money in 2013 than the previous two years combined.
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