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The Griswold Building Becomes "The Albert," Releases an Unbearable Promo Video

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UPDATE (4/2/14): The Albert has edited out some of the more insensitive portions of the video after this article originally posted. The above video differs from the one critiqued in this post.
The Griswold Building is back, and developers have rebranded the renovated apartment building into something trendier. Something younger. Something altogether unbearable. Something called The Albert. You might want to buckle up for this one. It's so awful, you might end up hate-watching it again and again.
Remember how this renovation began by kicking out the building's previous population of low-income seniors? To celebrate that triumph, the video starts and ends with a young person making a bold declaration "Detroit is MY generation's city."

These images, taken from Albert's social media accounts, are the first glimpses we've seen of the building post-renovation. The building has 127 one and two-bedroom apartments in 12 different layouts, though we're not quite sure on pricing. Pre-leasing is apparently happening right now. Sign up, and you might find yourself triumphantly yelling the words found on the Albert's Vimeo profile: "THAT'S RIGHT, I LIVE IN DETROIT. I live on Capitol Park; at The Albert."

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