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REDUCED! Hamtown Bar Eager for Buyer, Asks $177.9K

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Authored by Serena Maria Daniels

[Photos via Craigslist]

With last week's inaugural Hamtramck Music Festival behind us, you may have asked yourself why you're not a part of the city's bustling dive bar scene.Your chance could be found here. The former home of the "World Famous Motor Lounge" at the corner of Caniff and Klinger streets is centrally located within reasonable walking distance to other Hamtramck watering holes, Small's, B & H Bar
and Paycheck's Lounge. The 10,528-square-foot venue was voted best nightclub in the country by Vibe Magazine in 2002, according to a previous listing.

That distinction has not seemed to help the old Motor Lounge sell (do people even
read Vibe anymore?). Real estate search site Loopnet says the property first went on the market in 2003, at a whopping $575K. At the time, the price included all inventory, a liquor license and a $150,000 sound system. Over the last decade, the property languished on and off the market.

Taking a quick look at these photos posted on its recent Craigslist ad, it looks like the building is in need of a good scrubbing and the mosaic tile martini glass in one of its four restrooms looks ripped straight out of the 80s. But the building is solid, with
updated electrical, three bars and has a capacity of more 1,000. So what do you say?
Are ready to give this lonely lounge a makeover and fulfill your dreams of owning a
world famous dive bar?
· Listing: Motor Bar [Craiglist]