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It Sounds Like St. Josaphat's Crooked Steeple Will Be Saved

Last November, a major windstorm damaged the steeple at St. Josaphat Church so severely that onlookers claimed the 200' tower could be seen "swaying in the wind." Since the storm, the 113-year-old steeple has taken on a disturbing curvature, like an elf hat. Even church officials admitted the steeple would likely be removed and capped.
The thought of hacking and capping the iconic steeple caused such a public outcry that a fund called SOS (Save our Steeples) was created to accept donations. Since then, the steeple's outlook has grown much brighter. February reports indicated that the structure could be restored with an asphalt roof rather than slate. Now, there's reason to hope for even more.

Just a few days ago, this post appeared on the Detroit Historic District Commission's Facebook account. (Kevin Piotrowski is the Parish Council President.)

We haven't been able to confirm the news with St. Josaphat Church, but the HDC seems like a pretty reliable source in the historic church department. If the steeple does end up being restored with brand new slate, don't be surprised if the finished product looks a little unfamiliar. The new slate at Fort Street Church changed the roof from black to a crisp greenish grey.

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