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This Old Dairy Barn is Coming to Midtown or Corktown

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This historic dairy barn might soon make the journey from western Michigan to a new home in Detroit. According to dbusiness, local power couple Scott and Carolyn Lowell—owners of Traffic Jam & Snug and the Forest Arms Apartments—are waiting on city approval to bring the disassembled barn to Detroit, where it would be put back together and made into something rather remarkable.
According to dbusiness, the 19th-century barn would likely reopen as a restaurant or some sort of music venue as early as next year. Whatever role it ends up playing, it will be doing so in style. In the interview, Scott makes it clear this barn's days of housing cows are over.
"As we reassemble the barn, we will add a commercial kitchen, modern bathrooms, a bar and dining area, and we'll install an elevator in the silo. We may incorporate the bathrooms into the old milking stalls." The barn has been in Carolyn's family since the 1930s, reports dbusiness, and originates roughly 140 miles away in the town of Alto.
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