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23,000 SF For Sale in Corktown With An Ambitious Ask

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If you're willing to overpay for some real estate in Corktown that needs a lot of work, then we have fabulous news. There is a big old building with 23,472 feet on the market, and you can have a nice mixed use developmentin one of Detroit's hottest hoods. There are no interior photos with the listing, which is usually code for "needs a lot of work," but someone correct us if we are wrong (IE send photos if you go to tour this place). At an ask of $550,000 and renovation costs unknown, you should probably be ready to bargain if you want to make a go of this one. But fortunately our favorite Corktown blogger has done a lot of research on this building history.

When this building came to be it replaced five one-story wood houses. Throughout the years businesses came and went, but its run as a blind pig probably won't go down as one of the better ideas. At a previous drug raid in 2012, the Freep reported "In all, 46 individuals were cited and 25 vehicles were impounded. Various amounts of cocaine and marijuana were confiscated, as well as one handgun." Well if they did not clean up at the end of the party, that might explain why we're not showing off the decor. BTW, taxes have not been paid on this building in several years, and our Corktown friend estimates that the bill is around $30,000.
· 2150 BAGLEY Street [Century 21]
The "Bagley Vision" Building [Corktown History Blog]

Corktown Historic District

Wabash St., Detroit, MI 48216