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Packard Plant's Palazuelo Talks Timeline, Moves Back Move In

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Dapper dresser and resident of Peru, Fernando Palazuelo, who bought the Packard Plant in last year's foreclosure auction after two previous bidders failed to seal the deal, is ready to get down to business. At last night's premier of the movie "Packard: The Last Shift" he told the audience that he will have a redevelopment plan for the site within three to four months. He will then attempt to get tenants to commit and take that info to would-be investors. The owner of the 3.5M square mile foot dilapidated plant had previously stated that he would create an apartment for himself in the complex by his birthday (April 9) but revised his timeline last night to "this year." Palazuelo also stated publicly that former Packard owner Dominic Cristini, who lost the complex to foreclosure, was not a bad guy. That's fairly generous considering Cristini is currently seeking money from him.
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Packard Automobile Plant Detroit

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