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Parkway Foods Brings Renovation, Retail to an Ugly Strip Mall

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Strip malls aren't exactly celebrated for their design, but the no-frills Shops at Jefferson Village still manage to underwhelm. Located on Jefferson Avenue in the Marina District, the retail center has been largely vacant since its anchor tenant, Farmer Jack, went belly-up in 2007. The owners of Parkway Foods, a local grocery store working out of a decidedly more attractive retail center a few blocks away, smelled an opportunity.
According to the Free Press, Parkway's owners recently purchased the unloved strip mall for just under $2M. After renovating the old Farmer Jack space, they'll soon reopen as a much larger grocery store with a pharmacy and a deli. According to the Freep, Parkway is already lining up new tenants to occupy the strip mall's smaller stores, potentially bringing the neighborhood some much-needed retail options.
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