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Spring Cleaning Rehab for Hamtramck Vintage Hat Shop

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By Serena Maria Daniels

Believe it or not, Detroiters, spring has officially begun. And with that comes spring cleaning. If you drive through downtown Hamtramck's main drag on Joseph Campau, you'll see that spring cleaning came early for the old Cody's Hat building. Hamtown Mayor Karen Majewski bought the property last year and, with some neighborly help from friends, has been slowly restoring the vintage boutique to its former glory. Once the store opens later this year, Majewski intends to sell antiques and ethnic European wares.

For those of you who didn't know, Hamtramck used to be one of the premier shopping destinations in Michigan, complete with establishments like Cody's, where well-to-do, church-going ladies could find fancy hats to go with their Sunday best. Some of Hamtramck's luster has been replaced with jewelry pawn shops, cheesy formal gown retailers and layaway furniture stores, but it still maintains a vibrant downtown. The city's vacancy rate in downtown Hamtown sits at about 12 percent.

Majewski has allowed Curbed to post photos of this work in progress. See for yourself and let us know your thoughts on the Cody transformation.