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New Tiger Stadium Should Have a Little Bit of Everything

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The ball is finally rolling on redeveloping Tiger Stadium. Last night at midnight, the DEGC officially requested proposals and released its vision for new construction at the site:
· Detroit PAL, a nonprofit that focuses on youth athletics and mentoring, plans on building a new 10,000-square-foot headquarters along the western edge of the site.
· The field will be retained (though not in its entirety) for youth baseball.
· The outer edges are reserved for mixed-use development featuring any combination of office, residential, and commercial space.
· For unspecified reasons, a large plot along the field's northern boundary is being set aside for future development plans.
And that's pretty much it. It's a design free-for-all, with developers basically told to pitch anything that's dense and mixed-use, though it feels like the residential element is being hyped quite a bit. Speaking to the Free Press, Brian Holdwick of the DEGC summed up the agency's committal thoughts: "We see residential, obviously retail is going to be strong along that area, and I think you could even see some office," Holdwick said. "We're open to all ideas."
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