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Aloft Detroit Will Open in December, Sends Teaser Photos

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Photo by Chris and Michelle Gerard

As the David Whitney renovation speeds past the halfway point, the building's lower half is turning into a modern Aloft Hotel. If you've never been to an Aloft, the brand is known for contemporary styling and layouts that encourage social interaction between guests. Some pics are ahead. Aloft's website pegs the Detroit branch to open on December 11.

Aloft Detroit wasn't ready to welcome us in for a preview, instead opting to send us four "teaser photos." We may have extrapolated a bit from there.

Detroit's Aloft plans to have approximately 136 rooms, and it should be one of the more unique locations for the chain. Aloft tends to build brand new hotels, but that's obviously not the case here. According to Kraemer Design Group, a Detroit-based design firm helping coordinate the restoration and design, the building's corridors will retain the Whitney's historic character.

Beyond the threshold, the standard Aloft design will dominate. Aloft loves built-in cabinetry, tech-savvy interiors, and bright colors. Aloft Detroit's teaser photos are not very helpful, but Aloft locations are all pretty similar. The teaser photos we were provided are marked as such. The rest are from Aloft's vast Flickr account, which has photos of locations around the world.

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David Whitney Building

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