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Enjoy the RenCen Marriott's Dated Interior Before It's Gone

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One might assume that a hotel connected to General Motors HQ would be a sleek, modern affair. That was not the case with the Renaissance Center Marriott. Until recently, the Marriott's 72-story tower was a tube of outdated decor reminiscent of an old sitcom (think Roseanne's living room).
Last summer, the hotel announced that Detroit was "going through a rebirth," and the hotel's 1,329 rooms wouldn't be far behind in the metaphorical birth canal. Renovations should finish up this summer next year. For now, the Marriott is a mixed bag of old and new, though you can (and should) request an updated room when making reservations. Here's a last look at the awesomely dated decor and the results of Marriott's ongoing $30M remod. Or, to quote the hotel's awkward, birth-obsessed PR, the "rebirth of an original."

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