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Hamtramck's Legendary Live/Work Loft is Now Rentable

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Renting in Hamtramck comes with a handful of perks. Apartments are cheap, plentiful, and often within walking distance of a good dive bar. One thing Hamtramck does not offer, however, is a wide diversity of housing stock. In Hamtown, escaping the standard flat in the standard duplex is a formidable challenge.
Which is why people tend to freak out whenever this gem becomes available. It's a 2,500-square-foot live/work space on Yemans Street, just across the street from two--yes, two--Polish restaurants (non-Polish restaurants are just a block farther). The interior has a vast kitchen/entry area, which widens into the bedroom/studio space in back. Plentiful windows and three skylights keep the place bright. Icing on the cake? Roofdeck. Rent: $1,500/month.
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