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Where to Party on Opening Day; DTW Ups Their Food Game; More!

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ROYAL OAKRoyal Oak Restaurant Week starts today, and they're featuring more than 20 restaurants serving lunch and/or dinner for $15, $25, or $35. The menus and participating restaurants range from sandwiches and pizzas to steak and seafood, so check out the menus beforehand to discover the best deals.

DOWNTOWNPunch Bowl Social, a Denver based restaurant with a game component (think pool, ping pong, and 80's video games) might be coming to Detroit next. Rumor is they're interested in The Z, downtown's new art garage, as a potential space.

DETROIT/METRO DETROITPizza Week 2014 featured a map, interviews, photos, beer pairings, and so much more. Get the recap and check out all of the highlights.

ROYAL OAK— Meet Ale Mary's which is about to become Royal Oak's newest craft beer bar. They're converting the extra dining space of Tom's Oyster Bar, and they plan to host intimate beer dinners and other events to up their craft beer credibility even more.

DTWDetroit Metropolitan Airport has decided at long last to make some huge improvements to the food selections in McNamara terminal. Yes there will be some additional chains, but they're also adding some local restaurants like Bigalora and Zingerman's, which is long overdue.

CORKTOWNGold Cash Gold has a chef in Josh Stockton, and he's interested making what comes out of the kitchen as local as possible. He's showing off his skills at two sold-out Revolver dinners next week.

DOWNTOWN—Not like it's possible to forget, but Opening Day is Monday, so get in the mood for Tigers, partying, and tons of food and beer. Not sure where to hang out? Here are a few parties to check out.